Author: Bri

i hate that chandelier

Let’s go way back. Look at how the dining room was when we toured the house:

Dining Room
holy shit.

We hadn’t touched it much since, save for a ragey morning where I just couldn’t even deal with the terrible white carpet anymore and stripped that down to the concrete. So until two weeks ago, we were here:


And ten hours of wallpaper, trim removal, drywall repair, spackling (I HOPE THE PREVIOUS OWNER IS PUT ON TRIAL FOR WAR CRIMES, WITH AS MANY NAIL HOLES ARE IN THESE WALLS) and sanding later, we are ready for re-texture tomorrow.

I hate you, chandelier


Maybe we will finish a room this year!


office, day one

Now that we officially are in endless, massive debt own this house, we are allowed to start destroying things and rebuilding. Bigger. Faster. Stronger.

First up? The office, as this is where we both spend 40-70 hours a week, and the only room that will essentially ensure that we can continue to pay for all the other rooms.

The before photos!





A scholar’s lair, if I’ve ever seen one.

Our friend Jess drove in from Orlando to project manage the shit out of this (and spend two hours working in wallpaper-steamer sauna) and for that she deserves an award and cookies. So we ripped up carpet, scraped up weird foamy padding, stripped wallpaper, tore down wood paneling, primered the bookshelves, bled, cursed, and exploded an electrical socket. But! Major progress was made!





Still have to sand the walls a bit, patch the drywall, finish painting the shelves, and lay a hardwood floor. Before we move in, which happens in fifteen days. YAY HOME OWNERSHIP!


before the before pics.

Here it is. Don’t let the pretty exterior fool you. Here’s the entryway and then oh man LOOK AT THAT LIVING ROOM.


Oh, check the family room. It has a fireplace which will be great for lighting all that wood paneling on fire.

The dining room has potential… to be a library. We’re making this room a cozy library.

Have you had enough of the ’80’s yet? No? GOOD BECAUSE THERE’S MORE. Let’s go upstairs.

Master bedroom (attached bathroom and walk-in closet not pictured):

You thought we were kidding about the carpeting, but no. No.


Bedroom 1 (what will be the boys’ room):

It has a huge walk-in closet to the right there, so that’s nice, despite the blood-red carpet THAT JOINS AVOCADO GREEN CARPET. *breathes into a paper bag*

Then there’s what will be Maya’s room, and a guest room.

And finally, where we’ll wash off all the tears after a month of removing wallpaper, the upstairs bathroom.