office, day one

Now that we officially are in endless, massive debt own this house, we are allowed to start destroying things and rebuilding. Bigger. Faster. Stronger.

First up? The office, as this is where we both spend 40-70 hours a week, and the only room that will essentially ensure that we can continue to pay for all the other rooms.

The before photos!





A scholar’s lair, if I’ve ever seen one.

Our friend Jess drove in from Orlando to project manage the shit out of this (and spend two hours working in wallpaper-steamer sauna) and for that she deserves an award and cookies. So we ripped up carpet, scraped up weird foamy padding, stripped wallpaper, tore down wood paneling, primered the bookshelves, bled, cursed, and exploded an electrical socket. But! Major progress was made!





Still have to sand the walls a bit, patch the drywall, finish painting the shelves, and lay a hardwood floor. Before we move in, which happens in fifteen days. YAY HOME OWNERSHIP!

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